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Nuerva, Vol 1 preview (still working on the logo)

Nuerva Vol1

Hey! last week I told you guys i’ll talk about my upcoming book! well, this one is going to take me a Very long while. Mainly because I can barely find the time to actually paint it. With commision work + Day job + regular painting + Photographing… + husband + life. I rarely have time for myself and this wonderful book!

Nuerva: Background story

Nuerva City

I’m not going to tell you the story line, i’ll talk about it when i’ll his 30% of art. BUT I can tell you how it started. I had a very long and awesome dream, something in the lines of; I was kidnapped and put in a big black ship. Taken to a city with a black dome at it’s top and being forced into being a slave. Escaping and… then i woke up.

i woke up at 4 AM, scribbled down what i could remember and went back to sleep hoping to go back there, it never happened again. I wrote a short story out of it in hoped that i’ll just put some art with it and that’s it- something very small. what happened is that i actually met a writer named Amit, we became really close friends, i love that guy. He works as a literature editor and i asked him if he could look at it. I gave some people to read it and i received really good feedback so i thought maybe i could improve it, and a pro could help!

eventually, Her gave me writing lessons. he said he expected it to be shit but he was pleasantly surprised and wanted to help me turn it into a good story.

Nuerva Exploding Temple


it took me several years because I did a degree in arts in the middle of all of this. Now i just need to save up the money for a spell-proof editor (which i have one) and it will not have horrible errors anymore. I’m doing the art slowly, when i can breath. All the art that was created is a metaphorical description of emotions and thoughts from inside the story and not literally descriptions. these are not illustrations as much as they are Good art pieces with Good writings (hopefully) . I had some difficulty to decide on the medium but i found digital art the best form for it.

The name just came to be, Nuerva, i got no idea why or how so.. don’t ask.

Thank you all for subscribing to my Blog, i got Tons of stuff to update you… Tons!.. so each week i’ll try to cover a topic.

BTW just released a new video:

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