Orly Dvir Gallery signup.

Orly Dvir,

Hey! Ok, this week was very very packed with tons of events and a LOT of stuff happened! overall:

  • I was signed up to Orly Dvir Gallery as an exclusive
  • right now i have an almost solo exhibition at the gallery ¬†for the next 5 days
  • Me and the gallery owner (Orly) really connected and spent a LOT of time together!!

So how did this happen? ….Orit Fux… the boobs and the woman.

 orly dvir, orit fux, freaks like me, flm

This strange woman that has the biggest tits the world has ever known posted the sketch i created for her on her Facebook page. Orly Dvir is one of her friends. She saw the sketch and she said- she felt she needed to look me up. Orit described me as an “international artist” so she checked me out and saw one of my paintings:

lounging, woman, hot, sexy, orly dvir

She wrote me that she wanted to meet- Not knowing who she is I said OK and we Rolled with it.

Orly Dvir Gallery

Is 4 floors- 0,1,2,3 at the Jaffa Port. From the third floor you can REALLY see the sea, it’s Amazing. Right now i got everything i created (minus the photography because it’s not printed) exhibited there. so i’m actually occupying 50% of the gallery– the third and 0 floors.

orly dvir, gallery, exhibition, art, fine art

orly dvir, gallery, exhibition, art, fine art

It’s Quite cool and Amazing!!

she even sold two artworks, Two dolls i made, Rubina(angel) and Gilda(Blue).

orly dvir, gallery, exhibition, art, fine art

orly dvir, gallery, exhibition, art, fine art

I want her to sell the rest of my girls and I got a Question-

I miss Sewing, I want to make some Dresses NOT Dolls, What do you think? YAY Or NAY?

If i’m doing dresses i SHOULD make dolls? what do you think? i’m still on the fence on this topic, i could use your input.

Back to the gallery

We are on a TRIAL RUN for the next two months. I hope she’ll be able to sell most of the stuff, i’m not expecting her to be able to sell my Throne or the Wonderchest.

But i do hope she’ll be able to sell all the smaller stuff and a couple of paintings. My earlier work is much darker and LARGER. So it’s a problem to search for potential buyers when it’s a niece kind of art/style.

Originally she thought she’ll take just a couple of paintings but after she saw my Storage she took everything. Also i’m teaching her slowly on how to manage order in the Gallery, she’s so messy you wouldn’t believe it!

She came over to my dad’s house (storage) after that i took her to my mum’s because i had some paintings there too and then to My studio to show her my promotional stuff and everything else. she LOVED my mum, i’m afraid they’ll conspire against me one day. Anyway all this- is exciting news. I need the fucking money to work and live from My Art, which isn’t the case right now and…. you know because i wrote about it in the past- get the fuck out of Israel. Hate this country.

Of course i’ll keep you posted, i’m dying to show you Freaks Like Me but I Can’t, but you’ll love it. You can write back to me in This email OR on Site. Cross your fingers, i need to be a fucking super-star.