TV interview tomorrow + ConArt Mag

tv interview,

hey! i got my TV interview tomorrow.

The TV station is called “ILTV ISRAEL DAILY” (Their SITE) No one has ever heard of it, they barely got online views, i checked their facebook and all…

I got a Sample HERE



It only has like 250 views, BUT TV is TV and it’s better to have a TV interview than a printed one. It’s still a good opportunity to show off, that way i can use this platform and talk about me and shit and hopefully… i’ll get more exposure! maybe someone important will watch!

it’s such a boring video though. i hope that mine will be good and NOT be ruined by Orly. She tends to talk too much… OVER people. So this is happening tomorrow, and at night i’m going to jump over to Sharon from-

Conart Magazine

and get a job offer about a project she’s going to use in her Launch and Hopefully she’ll use the Circus project that i created for her earlier this year.

tv interview, ILTV israel,

Back to the interview

I’m going to get my hair done and take my makeup bag with me, i’ll do my own makeup- i like it in a certain way and most people just stick the basics on me (because i’m still a boy!). I love the contour and make my lips as puffy as possible. i’m a bit nervous but not really, this is my job, i also got some experience with video… my only problem is that i get word-blocked. Even in Hebrew! i just get blocked, i’m looking for a specific word but i just forget it. I’ll need to talk english for 10 minutes before the air, it will help.

I’m taking Dobrilla,

tv interview, ILTV israel,

Michal Sadan, the PR woman requested that i’ll bring her with me. Orly wanted me to come WITH HER… but she’s late to everything and also it creates an unnecessary drive, i got one bus to the studios, it’s in central Tel Aviv so it’s easier to get there.

So that’s tomorrow, Sunday.

Let me give you my schedule for next week…

Monday i got an artist interview at a second gallery, the Cuckoo’s nest, it’s about 20 minutes, LIVE with recordings. Nona Schalant, Israel’s number one drag queen is going to interview me.
Tuesday I’m going to tell Orly that we are Done working together, I just don’t have the funds for it and the exhibition didn’t give back enough.
Wednesday I’ll probably (hopefully) be able to get the transport to get my things out of there. I talked to Nightmare Israel:

tv interview, ILTV israel,

I’m giving them as a present my Large throne– i won’t sell it and it’s too much of a hassle for me, they got a large lobby with a high ceiling. They loved the idea, pictures soon.
Thursday– If everything will run smoothly i’ll start searching for a new gallery.

So… a LOT of stuff, i’ll take My old phone (it got a better camera) with me and snapshot everything.

This Wednesday at the gallery

A woman called “Dr. Shlomit Lir” she’s the woman who wrote about my exhibition, she came by and finally saw the exhibition. On august she’ll fly to the US and she’ll incorporate my work into her paper, so it’s quite a compliment! Let’s Quote the Dr.

“The images raise the question whether allowing oneself to transgress traditional forms of femininity and masculinity is a liberating process or a binding one; does the ability to shape one’s appearance in the real world, or through art reinforces or undermines the spontaneous and free spirit of human existence?”

See? i can be smart! i got a full page of her writing, i won’t upload it here because it’s too big! but it’s well written and i’m very flattered that she loved my work!

Nuevra Progress:  2 double Frames and One single and i can start Vol3 (it’s divided to 3 parts).

So much stuff is going on. You can write me back to this email OR ON SITE

Thank you! <3
wish me luck on my TV interview!