Vertical slice, cosplay and life? what’s that.

Today is January 31 and yesterday me and the Unnamed Polish company i’m working for as an art director, finished a Vertical slice of the game that i can’t say anything about online. Tomorrow they will present it to the big bosses / publishing / board. I’m practically shitting my pants. my anxiety works in mysterious ways, i get or anxious too early or too late, when i’m working i’m fine, i have a system, i have goals, i have lists.

but now i got a week off (just from the polish) and i’m slowly losing my mind, because my Direct boss said that the company is considering opening a subsidiary company for our.. division? team? i don’t know the technical term for it, but just for “us” and if it will happen it will be in a month or two. Either way it’s a Big deal and it’s a good sign but… i’m scared still that they will say that they are cancelling the project and this is dead in the water or Corona will fuck up and close the company- there’s a million things that can go wrong that have nothing to do with me. i know i’m a good art director but i can’t control what happens outside of the art.

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Alice with knave. i can relate to his head.

this week… i think.. i want to do an Instagram Live, (click here to get to my instagram) and i’m going to tackle Joaquin Phoenix’s joker (i love love crushing love Jared Leto but i didn’t love the design) and i’m going to Pre- Prepare it to merge with Margot Robbie’s Harley Queen a Solo image and an image that i can merge with Harley. of course i’ll be doing both- but i thought it can be fun to do the makeup and dressup in instagram live and or answer questions or just talk about the new stuff going on like BELOW. just keep an eye out.

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me, boobs and me. thing is also me.

so this last few months I’ve been working for them AND Alice Asylum AND my own projects aahjghghagashdgakhksdg kill me. so let’s list them!

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  1. i’m going to write my second novel “Amanda: Book of Shadows” title is not final, and it will revolve around the witch residing in the black city of Nuerva and it will be a book about her and the history of the city. i’m going to be helped by fellow wiccan Alejandra Mazo to accurately and respectively describe the witches i want to capture and the book will have integrated within it a merge of spells, incantations and art. lots and lots of art. i also had an idea that the book was “found” by the British library and i wrote to them and they actually helped! i got a proper signature and everything from them with an explanation how old books were cataloged and preserved and everything, pretty amazing.
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  • 2. for about 3 years i’ve been dying DYINNGGG to have an idea for a game, everyone i meet in the gaming industry has an idea (good or mostly bad) for a game and i’ve been kinda pissed at myself that i don’t have anything- well, i finally have one! i had (as usual) a dream. it’s about “Settlement 38” and a main character i currently call XOA. She is an exterminator, she’s been hired by a corporation that owns that Mining planet to clear out the place out of everything. infected humans and monsters that took over the place. the general idea that i had was to merge this gore doom like atmosphere with Gibli art and merge in a secondary storyline of an entity living inside of the mines taking over the consciousness of the human population above. it’s a rough draft now- i’ll write more about it when the time will come.
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here’s my girls!
  • 3. Exhibition art- I want to paint in oils, i want to really focus on it, i got some dolls in the studio that i got because the gallery i exhibited in closed down. i was supposed to have an exhibition this July but Corona. i also got some prints here. i need to sell these girls (200$ each) and i need to sell my prints. i need to get rid of everything that is not specifically towards oil paints. it’s distracting and it’s not good for my mental well being. i enjoy CREATING art, i absolutely hate hording it. i love being an artist and an art director i hate having stuff in my studio. the perfect house for me is 4 gray concrete walls.

so generally, i’m good, tired but tomorrow i might get the corona vaccine so… fingers crossed. please dear lady goddess let me get out of the house get drunk in a bar and troll my straight friends. thank you for the support! <3 i hope this year was kind to you <3 <3