Wake Up Alice, Wake Up! wallaper (:

wake up alice,

Wake Up Alice, Wallpaper

hey! busy week! I had some time off, the gallery owner went on a small vacation and combined with being unemployed i actually had some time to wrap up some stuff.
For all of you who came to get the wallpaper and for my loyal subscribers, 1920X1080px “Wake Up Alice” is the title


Wake Up Alice, Wake Up!, omri koresh, alice madness returns, ea games, wallpaper, hatter, cheshire, cat, alice, american mcgee, cards, keys, bumby, creepy, doll, dark wonderland, wonderland, alice in wonderland, alice in underlandHope you’ll enjoy and use the wallpaper wisely.
model: Nina Naurielle
This was a great experience and i really enjoyed painting this one. i thought of merging the two game into one crossover-world style thing. “Wake Up Alice” is, well, in my opinion, one of my best work on Alice madness fan arts.

A while ago i saw this

wake up,

and i LOVED it. I wrote to the artist and asked if i could re-make it, totally S T E A L the art… surprisingly, she said yes! so i did!

I just loved the overall concept, i wanted it to be Alice in her bed but with Dr. Bumpy watching over, giving the impression using shadows that he’s grabbing her. But with the classic dress, like when she wakes up in the game wearing it. This will be my last Alice fanart for a while, i need to focus on oil paintings and i got now a real chance with this gallery which i hope will work! i need to fucking soar with this one.

Wake up Alice! Wake UP!

Now i got 2 projects.

  • Obessesions (Oil paintings 8%)
  • Need 20 full sketches, Photograph models, Digital Sketches, START PAINTING! (Of course you’ll get updates, everything will be online)
  • Nuerva (My Art Book 25%)
  • the book is 3 parts, i need to do a “run in” with the art, i’m at the first one, at the middle of the book (I need to do 2 more and only THEN- render the art fully)

Not including this blog and online promotional stuff like videos and selfies with video. Maybe, It’s more like 2.5 projects.

I have a question for you,

When i was a student i posted every time i worked on a painting… first layer, up to forth, sculptures etc all on FaceBook. I got about half of my likes that way, but it means posting 4 time a week… should i do it? won’t it be too much?

you can answer me back to this email OR on site

Have a great weekend!! Omri.


UPDATE: American McGee himself asked if he could use this art for this Alice3 Pitch for EA games. I’m so honored and i really want this image to get as much exposure as possible. I love this “Alice wake up” wallpaper and i think it rocks. If you didn’t know the model is actually German and a German Gaming company mentioned the pitch and showed my work, It’s so awesome!

I’ll write about it this week or the next one. Make sure you sign to the blog! thanks for supporting the arts!

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” September 2017 – Fresh off the success of “Out of the Woods” on Kickstarter American McGee will start work on a proposal for the next chapter in Alice’s adventures, tentatively titled “Alice: Asylum.” This proposal will include artwork, design outline, and financial/business model. When this proposal is finished (and assuming all the numbers and constraints make sense) it’ll be sent to EA. You can show your support for this effort by signing up to the mailing list below.

Let’s show EA how many people want a new Alice game!

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