October 2018 update!

HI! There’s some stuff to cover so let’s start!

  1. I made two new Alice posters and it was kinda hard, it was more painted than i usually make, the project is really amazing and i think i’ll be focusing on Weapons. I suck at weapons But i want to try and learn to not suck at them. I suck at creating flowey movement too btw. If you noticed my work is usually dramatic and static, i’m not one of those artists that creates movement and characters that cool Anime/Action stuff.

Off With Her Head, american mcgee, alice, wonderland

I painted the shit out of these tentacles and they kinda look real! yea i used pictures of real tentacles underneath but it’s just for general shape and light. American said that he doesn’t know if this queen will get into the game but i just felt it’s correct to create her like this specifically with the hatter/queen/peeled Alice face like in the original game.

Alice: Asylum poster, for American Mcgee by Omri Koresh

I prefer the rabbit light gray on dark gray, i don’t like the red! sorry, not painting that in. the characters are inspired by the characters in the games/world. i copied attributes not the actual characters so it won’t look too literal. I like how it came out.

2. Some new paintings, i don’t think i updated these yet:

they are kinda small, 45*45 cm. I’m trying to paint that large painting i showed you last month, i’m only at my first layer. today i’m suppose to do the next one! so yay second layer! I’m kind of loosing it when it comes to painting in oils, i got maybe a day and a half in a whole week to paint. Things keep getting in the way! i just hope i could make enough paintings to pouch galleries.

3. IMI I had this idea for a new photography series that was bubbling in my head for a year and a half now. I M I, Which is a series of, naturally, portraits that explores feminine beauty, standards and perception. i usually create a sketch with my In-house model, Shelly. The bitch is so pretty, i can photograph her all day.

you probably know this but i create the same frame over and over again. This will have about 20 images in total. I already photographed the first model, I might show process or something but i don’t want to show the final outcome until i’ll be finished.

4. Pirate jam! Pirate jam is a concept by American Mcgee that is about having fun like a stupid pirate and to develop games! he just opened the list to participate in 2019 and of course i wrote him i’m in! It’s In April and i hope i’ll be able to afford the trip but it’s a once in a lifetime experience and i’m not letting that slip through my fingers! i’m looking for a cool picture to show you but they all look like nerds that need a shower. so I’m putting a wallpaper of Jeanette Voerman From Vampire Bloodlines. Cosplayed by Nina Naurielle and Photographed by PSK.Photo

you can save it directly to your computer, this is high res (:

jeanette voerman vampire bloodlines

5. Cool news for GeckoRouge (I sell Cross stitch packages with them) They are nominated to win something in Britain in some cool contest at British Craft Awards, I gathered it’s a big thing! I hope they’ll win! My latest design for them is actually a Real Alice.

So perhaps next month i could tell you if they won or not!

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