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updates, nuerva, concept, cover, art

updates… stuff is moving slowly but it’s still moving.

Updates: Bat Mitzva

My niece had a Bat-Mitzva, that means she’s 12. my sister lives at the edge of nowhere in Israel so we drove there and stayed the weekend, that’s why i didn’t update last week. It was fun but also… i pretty much helped her with.. well.. anything besides taking care of her 3 small girls. Kids are not my forte. I love those girls, they are so unique but i also really dislike children. Until- usually, when people turn 23 i usually find myself like “ew, you’re still a kid”. Yup 23, why 23? no clue.

DOLLS! + Berlin

I won’t be coming to Berlin at March as we just can’t afford it but- it’s all good. I’ll present two dolls there and hopefully there will be some kind of noise around my work.

Also btw, the exhibition is in 10th of march, my birthday is the day after- i don’t want to spend my birthday on a business trip, alone in a 2 star hotel, not cool.

good news- the 3d is coming along, I work with Kyle (Hi!) he totally gets what i’m asking. I can’t stress enough how important it is to work with people that understand your trail of though. When i worked with companies, there was usually like a graphic designer or a retoucher or someone i needed to work with. and apparently, there are so many dumb people in the world- you tell them A they do B. Why? no clue.


i’m dying to start sewing my first doll-corset. her waist-line is so tiny, i can finally do it!


Thank you guys for your amazing feedback on the book, i refined it and readjusted the whole thing according to your comments.

I also pitched it to Dark Horse Publishing. I don’t know if this is even their cup of tea but i always loved Dark Horse’s contents and books, so i figured that It’s OR doing it independently OR doing it through them. They only write back IF they want to publish it, i honestly don’t believe i’ll get an email back but i just don’t have anything to lose.

updates, nuerva, concept, cover, art

Also Thank you Lani Lenore the AMAZING Author, she pretty much re-wrote the pitch to perfection- as you know English isn’t my first language. It’s important to sound like i don’t have tourettes.

updates, lani lenore, nutcracker, bleeds, nuerva

What i need to do next is Pretty simple, Render the Art to it’s completion and start campaigning! this is so overwhelming, i can’t believe this is so close to the end /:

Hopefully, i’ll show you my new oil painting next week! it’s not done! i’ll show you updates.

anyway even if you just want to say hi! write back to this email Or on site


Alice 3 pitch, American “Alice wake up” Artwork

Wake Up Alice, Wake Up!, omri koresh, alice madness returns, ea games, wallpaper, hatter, cheshire, cat, alice, american mcgee, cards, keys, bumby, creepy, doll, dark wonderland, wonderland, alice in wonderland, alice in underland

Alice 3 pitch,

HEY! So yup if you didn’t know my “Alice Wake Up” image became the poster child for the new

Alice 3 pitch, by American McGee.

alice 3 pitch. Wake Up Alice, Wake Up!, omri koresh, alice madness returns, ea games, wallpaper, hatter, cheshire, cat, alice, american mcgee, cards, keys, bumby, creepy, doll, dark wonderland, wonderland, alice in wonderland, alice in underland

This is so awesome. it’s been featured at Gamestar Germany, i have NO idea what the guy is saying as it’s in german and i’m sure he’s not saying “the most amazing artist Omri Koresh has painted Alice blah blah blah” but it’s awesome enough just to get my art shown. HERE is the video.

It’s been featured in several places online, of course by my direct permission. Everything about his Alice 3 Pitch of course. If you haven’t sign up to American Listing for Alice 3 pitch, click HERE.

If you want to see how i painted it Click HERE or Watch embed below

Model was Nina Naurielle, she took the photos as i requested and i made two wallpapers. One simplified and this one, i really love the way it came out (:

You ask “How it happened?”

I actually sent a message to American with a question on something totally different, I had an idea on how to Practice my texturing work. Also.. well it can turn out cool- Taking his flat ass game “Bad Day LA” and re-texture it totally realistic.

alice 3 pitch

of course there are shadow problems.. which there are none and other stuff, but imagine what i can turn this weird ass thing into with my texturing abilities… anyway!

I asked american if he knows of a way i can crack open the textures and re-do them, well, unfortunately Not. But on the way he just asked if he could use my image everywhere concerning the Alice 3 pitch. and i’m like, “Sure, cool” and in my head i’m like “Aaiuih$##$of99434 OMG wi8833 Daaiw ALiiiccceeee 111 11222333333 3 3 33333 *drool*” obviously. Oh, and jumping up and down like an idiot.

I have NO idea on what he might want from me, IF he will even want from me any art, but i know one thing, I can create western ART. His team over there makes everything very eastern (duh) it’s pretty but it’s not British. Perhaps i’m not British but i grew up on western art and i understand the style. I really hope he’ll want to use me for this! even if it’s just small images or, well, anything, i’ll be so honored being a part of an Alice 3 pitch.

alice 3 pitch

Image, “Alice: Madness Returns” just for reference. Characters look drawn and the building behind Alice, Very flat with almost no ornaments or detailing. No layers of wood OR/AND bricks. Flat surfaces of wood, Same simplified shapes and kinda clean. If you look further away this almost looks Anime.

Alice: madness returns

Also on a side note, I don’t know if i told you about this, but i thought of re-texturing the game. Making it so look Darker and Un-pretty it. Generally Make it look more western. If you take out the “Far East” world (i forgot the name in the game), and look at the rest of the package- It’s pretty much at the same style. Even London is simplified and too clean.

The reason i didn’t do it is because my old computer used to crash with too many new uploaded textures and it made the game run MUCH slower. IF i could make the game run at it’s normal rate and it won’t crash i’ll do it!

when i’ll have some time. For now you can download my Alice Tweaks HERE.

alice 3 pitch

the tweaks are Minor but important, it gives her more volume and “correctness” for the total look. If i wanted i could of re-designed her something totally different, but for the time i just wanted her to stay the same. Just with MY aesthetics.

American McGee’s Alice HD pack

If i made you feel nostalgic i’ll remind you to Download my HD pack! HERE

alice 3 pitch

I still hope that one day there will be a remake of this classic game! Or i’ll find a way to upgrade it somehow shape-wise. This game came out So long ago and the new one isn’t as creepy as this one, but it CAN be. It needs darker music and twisted textures and it will be wonderful.

Thank you for reading my weekly tale! I hope this Alice 3 pitch will work and i hope i’ll have something to do with it!

You can comment back directly to this email OR ON SITE HERE

i’ll dish out whatever i can to you, i promise.


future and A bit of rest for this week


future, Hey! I finally rested a bit, painted a lot too but it’s fun.
I wanted to talk about some stuff that are brand new!

I’m going to exhibit some work in Berlin – march

this is going to be so cool. it cost me a lot of money, to participate in these kind of things it’s expensive but because my latest sales… well. all my sales pretty much went to the participation of this exhibition. (pic, Heweey was sold)



I don’t have a lot of details yet but it’s in March, and i might be able to travel there for 4 days, something like that. Never visited Berlin or Germany, any suggestions on what to do? I always imagined German men always looking pissed off, pink white and everything blonde. I know it doesn’t make any sense but it’s kinda hot.

Latest gallery opening

I had a great opening of my small exhibition on Wednesday, it’s what i needed. Not too many people, i did some networking, a woman who is a professional shoe designer LOVED my shoes and demanded to photograph them. I told her that i don’t think that the Chinese would have a problem with her stealing their designs… i buy everything from Ali express. and I talked endlessly to people and had great feedback. drank and walked around with a good friend who’s trying to learn networking- I really started to notice, It’s literally a skill, and i got it.


OH! i can’t wait for the 11/11 because then Ali express has deals and i want wigs! (and stuff for the dolls duh)


I’m going to start printing my dolls in 3d! apparently it’s doable now! the prices are normal (my dolls are not HUGE so it’s great) and i can buy a 3d printer and i got a good friend who already has one! so he’s going to help me out with everything. I hate molds and i hate the dirt it comes with it and i hate the smells and everything around all that shit. In 3d printing i won’t have any of that and my dolls would be ABLE TO MOVE. (in the pic, my LAST object, from now on- just dolls)


the story of my dolls is never the actual body, i like to use the exact same perfect body anyway, the dresses and the makeup and hair- that’s what my dolls are. it’s the aesthetics not how the body is represented. don’t get me wrong, there are some dolls that opened real discussions on body image, i love it when people do that, BUT that’s not me, I prefer it in 2d. in the pic, Enchanted doll by Marina, fucking talented, she made this series of these AMAZING dolls, each talking about their flaws and uniqueness. i Just found her work inspiring! I’ve known her for years.

Well? what do you think? do you think 3d printing “Lowers” the artwork? Also any opinions on the blog?

Write me a comment back directly to this email OR on site HERE

thank you for reading, Omri.

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