Nuerva, Fantasy-Art-Book Campaign is NOW activated!


hey! i hope you had one amazing week, let’s cover my hectic life once again! (also why can’t i be normal?? why??) So as stated in the title, Nuerva. Yup i’m finally after what? 5 years? 8 years? ready to FINALLY start campaigning my book Nuerva. I was told it’s better to have a contract with a publishing company but honestly, i don’t know, it’s not like i’m expecting this book to earn me money, i’m doing this out of passion and because I WANNA MAKE A BOOK. it’s a goddamn good story too!

anyway. I need your help. You know that i make Book covers for clients, like ALL the time, i get orders in, people like to work with me, it’s awesome. But silly little me can’t decide what the hell i want on the cover of my own book. One of the designed i already showed you, but you’ll just going to have to see it again! They are mockups, not finished in anyway!!


Nuerva, art book, fantasy, book, art, omri koresh, cover

This is like the… artistic with hints of story and with christian inspiration. Something like a holy book


Nuerva, art book, fantasy, book, art, omri koresh, cover

Meet my main character, The main character in the book is written in Male and Female (apparently it’s called queer writing) and this is him.her! i designed the face as if me and Andreja Pejic had a baby and it looked like Ruby Rose by accident.

Nuerva, art book, fantasy, book, art, omri koresh, cover

Don’t know IF you noticed but I put this “N” Book in some of my paintings:

Nuerva, art book, fantasy, book, art, omri koresh, cover

Girl with wolf, oil on canvas.

With the N in different designs, but is it too bizarre for a cover?

anyway, Write me what you prefer for the cover?? A.B.C!? i’m busting my brain over this thing.

OH! She’s done

Nuerva, art book, fantasy, book, art, omri koresh, cover

I REALLY love her, i think i’ll start with oils next weekend, i think i’m ready.

WRITE ME, make me feel not alone in this cold and dark gloomy world!! (hence emotional manipulation)

Directly to this email OR ON SITE HERE!

Andreja Pejic ‘s sense of humor and NUEVRA!

Andreja Pejic,

Andreja Pejic Presents: Sauna, the slutty perfume

I’m watching Andreja Pejic on Instagram and i saw she uploaded THIS:

Andreja Pejic,

and I LOVED the image and as i was looking at it, you can see my comments to her, i just blurted out that it looks like a cheap ad for a cheap perfume. It’s awesome she noticed me and found it funny!

So, i just painted it! i wanted to try to paint an image that the skin tone is actually NOT THERE, and i never tried to do something so magenta, so i thought why not. it’s good practice and it’s pretty funny!

Andreja Pejic,

this is with the graphics, and I modeled the perfume bottle like a sex-toy. it’s ridicules, i love it.

Andreja Pejic,although i want to pat myself on the back! i think it’s a good painting! it didn’t take me that long but it’s not bad! what do you think?

I knew Andreja Pejic since she was Andrej Pejic, she’s the first Transgendered model that walked the runway as a male and a female, i was suprised that she turned into a “she” i originally thought that she’s just a pretty boy.

ALSO, I have a video of the process, HERE or embed below if you are ON SITE.

NUERVA (btw It’s vocalized Noo-Err-Va)

I’m outlaying the book for review by my Beta Group. If you are interested PLEASE WRITE ME, Unless you’ll write ME you won’t get in. Back to this email OR ON SITE

i did the full layout of Vol1 (it’s parted to 3 parts) and it took me about 5-6 hours, so i believe that eventually i’ll do 6+6+6+(fixes)6=24 hours in total for creating the basic layout. i wish i could get How to translate it to hebrew, for my mum.

i want to give her a translated version- i thought of using google translate and just give it to her. No clue if it will work though, it might turn gibberish.

So this week i’ve been working none-stop on this book, i finished the art and i’m super excited for your feedbacks!!

AH, go see IT (2017) it scared the shit out of me, it was awesome.

If you want to be in my Beta, write me to this email OR write me ON SITE

Thanks for tuning in this week!

Nuerva – Artbook Beta listing, L.i.f.e & Family

nuerva beta listing

I KNOW it’s not “Beta” as it’s a book and not a program but an art book, BUT I DON’T CARE

Nuerva Beta Listing, IS OPEN 5/20.

nuerva beta listing

IF you want to sign up to my Beta (Proof reading)

write me directly to this email OR ON SITE HERE

what this includes?

  • You’ll be able to read/see the art fully in a PDF format.
  • I’ll need 2 weeks answer tops.
  • you’ll qualify IF you ARE A READER of fantasy books!
  • other stuff will be listed but this is it mostly.

Write me goddamit, make me feel not alone. I have 5/20 slots. (Hero and Zach you are already in, thanks for the comments)

I got about a month or two to wrap the art and the designs for commentary, after that it’s a journey to wrap up the art to become perfect.

About the Family!

One of the images i can show you now actually:

nuerva beta listing

This picture is my mom holding my older sister as a baby. My dad took this photo of them, I got the my artist from him, obviously.  I’m actually including this image inside the book, Repainting it. My main character is based on elements from my personal experience and world and like me- i’m a mama’s boy. The mother in the story is different from mine but my mom is actually painted as the mother in the story. I really love this image, she should be about 26, i think, my mum had me when she was 35-36, and me and my sis have 10 years apart. BTW i have an older brother too, 16 years apart.

I love this image so much but it’s stupid- we lost the original, this is actually a scan of a print of the image, not a scan of the original photo image. it’s good enough, it’s not like it’s DH, this was taken almost 40 years ago.

I’m so excited for this book, and i’d love if you will want to hear about it and help me with letting people know that this will be amazing. We are at 153, we need to get to 300 eventually, i need your guys support (and money, duh) to create a successful kickstart campaign. Honestly, i feel so fucking blessed right now.


If you didn’t know @beautiful Bizarre Magazine published one of my works! I’m attaching an image below, and after it an Embedded version of the Instagram post ( i don’t know if That will work on an email platform)

nuerva beta listing

Loving @omrikoreshart’s new photography series “I’m Not A Doll” that explores body image, sexuality and control.

A post shared by beautifulbizarremagazine (@beautifulbizarremagazine) on

I have no idea how they found my work but it’s cool! i got like 100 people on my Instagram that day, i’m so honored! besides me and the hubby celebrated 6 years together. My sister got a HUGE makeover by ME. You actually don’t know this, but she’s a singer, she’s a GREAT singer actually. I’m embedding a video below of a cover that they made of “Nancy Sinatra – Bang Bang” OR Click here

She wants me to create some kind of Video for this song, maybe an animation? i have no idea how to animate though. Maybe i’ll learn!

Besides that i’m kinda relaxing at the moment, it’s very unnatural for me but a TON of work is going to come soon… i’ll get the 3D printer soon and you’ll get a flood of dolls!

I thought on making tiny booklets and stories for them- like in Bad Apple dolls, but i’m still undecided.



Omri (:

Nuerva, paintings,too fucking tired.

nuerva, paintings


Nuerva UPDATE!

HEY! good news, took me forever but i finally found a (hopefully) good copy editor! English isn’t my first language and i’m sure that there are a lot of teeth-optional people that need their grammar fixed as well. It was so strange writing to people, i wrote to maybe 10 people and i kept getting this

“Dear Omri,

blah blah blah

Truly (or fake-ly)


EACH email from 10 different people!! was written exactly like that!!! Super strange. Perhaps i need to start writing to people “Dear someone” too?  ANYWAY- my editor’s name is Stephany, she sounds nice, she’s suppose to update me in a week what’s up. i hope she’ll rock the editing so i’ll be able to Totally finish with the writing part. It went through two Amazing (taken from google) Developmental & Substantive editors that yelled at me for being an idiot. This book will rock. If not i’ll kill someone in random. BTW i’m at about 25% of art for the book! s o  w a i t.



i’m trying out this “working on several things at once”- i never did it, i’m used to working on a single painting each time. Mainly because i never had the space as they were HUGE! but now I made a ton of first layers:

nuerva, paintings

they were quite easy to create but i’ll need to focus more on technique, it’s still not good enough. I’m going to paint this weekend the second Layers, i hope i’ll actually do it and not sleep. OH! and i need to share something COOL with you. if you love classic paintings you can download them:

nuerva, paintings


i learned a lot from looking at them so close. It’s really amazing that they offer this download thing, quite inspiring!


i’m going to go OUT! to celebrate my fucking birthday and to live a little. Honestly i just need a good vacation and sleeeeeeeeep. I slept a lot today but it doesn’t really help, i’m mentally tired. I don’t rest enough and i have so much art to accomplish, i need a second pair of hands goddamit!

i’m also learning CSS on the way and i’m trying to understand how to replace the icons for the comment section. So if i’ll manage to turn it into something cool- i’ll update.

Until next week.


Dear -name-

blah blah blah

truly and fake-ly


Nuerva – Art Book, digital art, illustrations and paintings

Nuerva, Vol 1 preview (still working on the logo)

Nuerva Vol1

Hey! last week I told you guys i’ll talk about my upcoming book! well, this one is going to take me a Very long while. Mainly because I can barely find the time to actually paint it. With commision work + Day job + regular painting + Photographing… + husband + life. I rarely have time for myself and this wonderful book!

Nuerva: Background story

Nuerva City

I’m not going to tell you the story line, i’ll talk about it when i’ll his 30% of art. BUT I can tell you how it started. I had a very long and awesome dream, something in the lines of; I was kidnapped and put in a big black ship. Taken to a city with a black dome at it’s top and being forced into being a slave. Escaping and… then i woke up.

i woke up at 4 AM, scribbled down what i could remember and went back to sleep hoping to go back there, it never happened again. I wrote a short story out of it in hoped that i’ll just put some art with it and that’s it- something very small. what happened is that i actually met a writer named Amit, we became really close friends, i love that guy. He works as a literature editor and i asked him if he could look at it. I gave some people to read it and i received really good feedback so i thought maybe i could improve it, and a pro could help!

eventually, Her gave me writing lessons. he said he expected it to be shit but he was pleasantly surprised and wanted to help me turn it into a good story.

Nuerva Exploding Temple


it took me several years because I did a degree in arts in the middle of all of this. Now i just need to save up the money for a spell-proof editor (which i have one) and it will not have horrible errors anymore. I’m doing the art slowly, when i can breath. All the art that was created is a metaphorical description of emotions and thoughts from inside the story and not literally descriptions. these are not illustrations as much as they are Good art pieces with Good writings (hopefully) . I had some difficulty to decide on the medium but i found digital art the best form for it.

The name just came to be, Nuerva, i got no idea why or how so.. don’t ask.

Thank you all for subscribing to my Blog, i got Tons of stuff to update you… Tons!.. so each week i’ll try to cover a topic.

BTW just released a new video:

How to become an albino using photoshop!


Black City Novel & Uni Work

Uni work again, wanted to share some of it, i kinda like it actually, which doesn’t happen very often,
so, these Prints were made from a dream i had which i called later “Black City” anywhoo here are the two prints, one black/gray and one in color

i also made a print on a T-Shirt! so here it is! as well, me modeling it with my newly partly bleached bottom hair to platinum (:
don’t forget you can enlarge every picture by clicking on it.

and here’s a painting i did, it’s not photographed properly, when i’ll get a normal picture of it, i’ll upload it to DA,

so i was thinking, i want to make a short story out of my “Black City” dream, so i asked a good friend of mine Ido Freedman to start writing my story, i gave him all the details, and now i decided that i want to make it like “The Plucker” of Brom, a graphic novel, if you don’t know it.. well… then you should.

so i’ll paint and direct and edit, and Ido will write the whole shit, should be interesting this collab, i will release an “Episode” every time with a painting, i’ll show our process here as well i might release it as a PDF at the end. so tell me what do you think of this whole business, leave a comment plz (:

Sighing out.

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