How has it been a month already?

this month flew by, i would say literally but i don’t think time is a physical element. so Some stuff that i wanted to do last month were made! American kind of came back from his vacation with his newborn! who is adorable, mixed race babies are the best.

so he Finally showed some of the new stuff we have been working on! so now i can show off! HA! there’s so much so what i’ll do it just i’ll put them here, they are all going towards the realm of Queensland besides the last two. We have a lot more work to put there. i’m so fortunate to work with everyone, we got a kickass team.

Throne Room v1
The Sun
Gameplay, Hallway2
gameplay, Hallway1
Courthouse Exterior
Madame Pris’s tent – this is for Denial
Halloween poster

Sometime in this new month i’k suppose to travel to Barcelona to build/design a lobby for an escape room company. it’s suppose to be very artistic and creepy so i’ll make sure to take lots of photos, so expect next month to see them. i HOPE there won’t be a problem and it will happen this month. cross your fingers.

finally finished this art-piece (silk 2019) and now i’m off to the next one, it will be (below, Rabbit girl) and i might change the rabbits to something else, i found out that i really enjoy making up animals but eventually they need to look cuddly. my original idea for this series was to invent themes that actually talk about day-dreaming, drugs, alcohol, food and overall euphoria that you get from being high. for now it’s still very very preserved, i don’t know if eventually i’ll get what i had in mind but i go with the art, with the passion, not what my brain dictates.

Rabbit girl
Soft 2019
Dreaming 2019
HaSh’hora, Israel’s sex symbol

this wonderful comedian, “the black one” finally published the images i took of her, i really like them. Below here i’m placing video links to my facebook, if you are getting this through email you can’t see them to press the links for the Carousel and my New Dress!

IMI, my photography project is almost done. i have one image that i’ll probably take on Wednesday and that’s it. so i’ll wrap it up pretty soon and i’ll start gallery fishing. i think this will be a local exhibition. the oil paintings- i want somehow to manage to show them abroad in a solo exhibition. no idea how, but i feel that Israel doesn’t/won’t fit this art.

lastly, i’m considering a new tattoo, i want to place it under my left ear, about 5 cm. this is stuck in my mind for the last 3 months, i think i’ll sketch on my skin with an eyeliner to see if i feel like doing it. i’m still thinking about it. thoughts? and BTW my hair is growing great, i’m waiting for it to really grow and then i’ll show you how the transplant changed the frame of my face.

thank you for reading! don’t forget if you want to comment back write directly to this email! X

WTF how did a month pass by?

HI! so this month went through in a blizzard of heat. If you read last month’s babble you know i got a hair transplant to change my hairline, it came out GREAT! i can’t go outside to the sun which is fine by me because i don’t like it anyway.

Red line is my heart shaped natural hairline, the green is the transplant.

Work – Alice, has been going wonderfully! so much new art and concepts. If you know (if you don’t shame on you) M.C. Escher’s work, he created “Non-Euclidean Worlds” which means by going left you are actually going right and up. it’s a “mess” which is frankly pretty wonderlandi.

we made some new concepts for the location of the vorpal blade for picking.
vorpal blade “attraction”
the ride towards Queensland
the Moon

these are all for Denial. there’s so much to explore it’s stupid. we need so much art to do for Queensland- that’s the next realm. right now we only now Moved there, and i got some more art that’s new but it wasn’t shown yet… so you’ll have to wait. NOW! my trip! to Turkey for the hair thing.

the first day i went to the doctor for a final examination, (the next day was the procedure) afterwards we went to a nearby mall. which we found out is “old”
LEFT- VR which was hella fun. i’m really good at it apparently.
MIDDLE- a tiny, closed squared wooden room inside the mall showing that it used to hold wax figures of celebrities, in the image a poor and horrible version of Angelina Jolie.
RIGHT- the back “view” of my hotel, it looked like a shithole, i had to share.

VR, Angelina HOLI, Crap view

so this mall is so huge it had 5 floors and 3 minus floors with TONS of old and cool contraptions. a carousel, 4 roller-coasters integrated inside the mall! a pirate ship. a LOT of stuff. i didn’t really take a lot of pictures, i’m a person that prefers to be in the Moment than that with my phone. so in the picture below it’s just the bottom floor… but believe me you, it was packed with rides.
TOP- Bottom floor
bottom LEFT- a shiny pillar that was all over the mall. so shiny.
bottom RIGHT- a shark mouth as an opening to one of the roller-coaster rides.

Bottom floor, Pillar shiny, Roller coaster

So i literally felt i was in “Denial” for Alice, i felt like i traveled there to do homework. i didn’t go on the rides because my friend with me didn’t want to but we had a lot of fun at the arcade there. the rest of the days weren’t as interesting it’s just procedure and stuff. BUT i did buy a small carousel that i wanted for a long time and it was kinda cheap.

it plays a sad song

I love it, i’m going to recolor it of course and add pearls and whatnot. so hopefully next month you’ll be able to see the finished work! Also this month I had a blast with a friend who is a comedian, she wrote a book called “how to find your husband” which has a lot of conversations with perverts on Facebook and dick-pics.

HaChora “Israel’s number 1 sex symbol”

it’s 4 images in total but i’ll show them all only after she’ll publish them. it’s suppose to look very pop! the sand/sea/towel/umbrella are planted, i didn’t want it to look “natural” plastic is good.


i finished a new dress! my printing machine is a bit fucked up.. i’m so tired of it breaking apart. i’m actually considering perhaps there’s a service that i can print dolls at? maybe shapeways or something? i LOVE making the dresses.. the dolls not so much. but i got some more looks on the way, so next month another dress.


“Silk” she’s still wip but i’m pretty happy with how she’s turning out. the colors are wrong because of the camera but i’m so happy i’m back to painting, it’s such a relief to go back to painting! My photography project IMI is at it’s final stages, i decided to add 3 more frames and i’m waiting for stuff to come in the mail. after i’ll finish it i’ll give you guys a sneak peek, i hope you’ll like it.

Thank you for following my work here! i hope that next month won’t be a train wreck!

Progress, hairline and art!

So another month went by and some stuff is moving!! Can’t talk about it, sorry.

Monster high Electrified. i wish i could take credit for this design

Question, do you know about “Monster high”? Oh, do you remember when “Bratz” were all the rage and then they suddenly disappeared? My hunch is that whomever made that brand was sued by Barbie or someone and they had to reboot the franchise… so. “Monster high” was created. I’m a huge fan. I saw all the webisodes i saw all the movies.. i think i saw all of them at least. The last one i saw was from 2017 called Electrified. I loved it and their 3d really improved i have to say. I loved the new designs. Why am i blabbing about it? I want somehow in the future that they will make Alice dolls. People remake Monster high dolls into Alice dolls anyway. We can’t actually do it now, something legal something but i wish this will magically happen.

Botanical Garden, Denial realm. Joey’s work with my tweaking

I’ve been working with Norman, jennifer, joey and Alex to make the best art we can for Alice and we almost got Denial down. We have the locations but maybe some new locations will get added, like Madame Pricilla’s oracle booth something. I can’t stop my head going to Pricilla the queen of the desert movie. 

priscilla the queen of the desert

Things are going well and i hope that everyone on board is happy with our results, i just try to sync everyone. I’m painting! I bought new brushes two days ago and I found out that for all these years i was using the wrong brushes for oils! No one ever corrected me although I always asked in stores “does this fit oils” and whoiula! Painting is much faster and cleaner! I got some new designs i need to tweak before painting them… but this series will, i think, be my best work yet.

Btw i am creating another project, a photography project but until it’s not exhibited in a proper gallery no one will see it. Including online anywhere. Next week i’m going to get my hairline done, my hairline is heart shaped, i’m going to get a hair transplant to make it square. It’s in Istanbul, never visited there…. I don’t.. i prefer to visit somewhere else for a vacation but it’s not a vacay it’s getting shit done to my face trip!

Left – Before understanding the “world” right – After tweaking.

Not my first time going to the dr, had my eyesight fixed, nose done, i had braces for 4 years. Acne until i was 28, so lots and lots of money went to taking care of my skin and getting rid of acne scars. I got some injections in my cheeks- i lost a lot of weight and they looked deflated, so I bounced them back. When my hair wad long it was dyed and chemically relaxed, i’m a curly. Oh and botox on my forehead! So doing stuff to my physic isn’t new But this is the last procedure! Other than that I’ll get a facelift when i’m old but i think that’s it. Getting liposuction on my fat stomach is impractical- it grows back.

So wish me luck and that the turkish people won’t harvest my body for kidneys and lungs. I’ll try to get some photos for next month!

Finally got something right

HI! this month i’m going to talk about Alice later.. i got some personal stuff to share and talk about.

I have been going to therapy these last few months, never went, never tried to resolve stuff with someone’s help really. i learned very very early to kick out people who were terrible or dumb from my life YES including family members. and i built over the years a good steady family and good friends and i was the queen bee in highschool and had and still have Tons of good friends. Plus my husband for 8 years this august!

i’m very lucky but l also built this good and nurturing world around me, i took responsibility over it. I had a terrible childhood which fucked up things in my brain and that’s something i couldn’t “fix” and it does affect my life. Like, last month i talked about being a workaholic and that i work constantly and never take a proper break. so yes to your question, i get burned out a lot, every 4 months or so and i have times that i can’t do anything but stare at the wall a week at a time.

5 girls

I want to resolve anger issues and really understand why i’m afraid to really stop doing things. Anyway, I talked to my therapist and i resolved some smaller issues that actually have some major impact on my work. I thought about it, you know, i don’t enjoy creating dolls unless it’s for the fun of it and also Photography, I love to photograph and have a skinny pretty model in my studio, but again. Only for the fun of it, not to do it for a project.

Freaks Like Me: Billie Jean

so i decided not to do those things anymore, that is, If i want to photograph/create a doll I’m doing it for the FUN of it, not to make an exhibition. I want to get back to my true love which is to paint in oils. Now there’s another story there, perhaps just in my head but i hope you’ll get it. I used to paint dark images, a lot of black, dramatic and sad (obvi i was there mentally).

The Death of snow white, 2013

Eventually i was so fed up with those dark colors it made me want to puke so i tried to go 180 degrees to vibrant and colorful. That didn’t pan out either. I mixed it with instead of using models actually to sketch out ideas- from my natural hand the lines that come out are usually bizarre and surrealistic. so i tried that too, Didn’t pan out.

Israelsex Pride

I tried more poster styled art,

Omri artist

and than i tried pastels and it finally felt OK. Like yes this is the direction but “Not It”.

Dreaming Omrikoreshart

I am honestly trying to figure out who i am as an artist. Who and what do i like to paint, that is something of a mystery still. BUT i got something right. My latest painting “Soft” got something right.

Soft, Omri koresh

I don’t like colors all that much and i don’t like black and white images. i love a lot of light, i love beautiful girls, Lolitas preferred (which is odd because i like burly men LOL). i like, well, not positivity but more of a calmer tone? and with NO “But behind the mask” stuff. I like my images a but flat, i like the flatness. I’m still searching for that thing that will make me feel like a traditional artist and hopefully i’ll be able to pouch a good gallery to exhibit my work after i’ll have my style defined.

Silk – next painting

NOW (short) Alice news.

There are a lot of stuff i know that can’t talk about. i do have to say i was so suprised about the love that “Perfectly unbalanced” got. i had a discussion with a good friend of mine and she said it’s a masterpiece and i told her that i just wanted to paint those dresses pretty with a yin yang. She laughed at me and said that she doesn’t understand how I don’t understand what i painted.

Perfectly unbalanced, Alice asylum, Alice3

I fucking designed from scratch the Chesh plush, i mean who would of thunk that me, a HUGE random fan will create a cat that people from around the world will squish and love?! this is so cool! i made a physical item and it worked really well. American told on his stream that i’m helping out with organizing stuff and it’s true! we created the first draft for Shock and Slumber and we are working on the first draft for Denial. We got so many characters in this world, i hope it will feel rich as it should. I hope i’lll get a key role in designing the game. I don’t know how much American has faith in me but i hope that the next game will be even mroe amazing that the last.

Cheshire cat plushy

i want it to be DARK but not like a stupid 13th friday massacre thing. i want it psychologically dark and artistically None-Deviantart dark. anyway cross your fingers, thank you for reading (:

“Workaholic” isn’t a bad word.

What? Me a workaholic that doesn’t know how to stop and actually do nothing for a change? SURPRISED? i hope not otherwise it means you weren’t paying attention. But i have to say i LOVE my job, it’s amazing. i literally get to doodle stuff and make creepy things for money!

You know it’s not only that, it’s ALICE centered AND i get to coordinate everyone on the team! which i love doing because i’m a control freak! so it’s like this is the job for me. You know i hope that one day i’ll have enough resume that the gaming industry in israel will be forced to hire me and i’ll have a HUGE salary. Right now they tell me that i don’t have enough experience and i hope that after Alice… in 3 years? i donno… I’ll be king.

First i want to show you some of the new stuff i made for Alice, you can check out American’s Wiki this will be our “Blueprints” for Asylum.

Alice in Slumber

When i talked to him we got this idea on how to build it. We will do a first run on the realms and THEN on the Sub-Realms. After that the second run will be like a second layer, making more specific art for stuff. like let’s say walls or gameplay.

liddell House in Slumber and Shock

I imagine that we will have like a huge clock or huge wall that is a picture of the family, burning. so specific stuff like that.

Shock Atmosphere

We agreed on the White and Cyan because i told him, we need to stay away from Warmth. IF Alice is in shock it’s like she’s frozen and unable to comprehend what’s actually happening. and i imagine her moving crawling and doing stuff. what i missed most with Madness returns is that her movements were kinda limited.

Bunny Onsie

Besides i’m really having fun and i have so much stuff to do that it’s ridicules. But i’m finally getting the time to actually paint in oils. i hope i’ll finish my next image soon so i’ll be able to show it off.


I tried to make a storyboard but for the life of me i can’t do comics and i’m not a natural illustrator. I had so many people over the years asking me to create strips, comics, illustrations. I’m a classic painter/artist. YES my brain sees everyone as stick figures. Probably if this idea of the Mines will go forward Joey will revamp and totally recreate the storyboard.

Shock, Family portrait

the bitch is so talented. she always thinks outside the box, sometimes it takes a baseball bat to her head to keep her inside of it but it’s totally worth it.

Besides that my life is really great, me and the hubby are celebrating 8 years in August, I’m finally so close to save up money to get something I’ve been dreaming of for 10 + years… don’t laugh at me. a hair transplant! all of my pictures since i was 18 are PHOTOSHOPPED, that is not my hairline, i got a large forehead. i got a nose job, my glasses removed and this is the last Big thing. Probably when i’ll turn 40 i’ll get lipo on the pouch that is my stomach but until then… i got time. But not a lot! 7 years. I might look good but my back and arms and legs and everything is been hurting for the last 4 months, doctors can’t find why. I’ll try swimming soon, after the hair thing (: perhaps working out will help.

“Soft” still wip!

OH last thing, i decided a while back that i really don’t want to be in front of the camera unless it’s like for my own personal stuff. Not exhibitions but stupid Facebook profiles and stuff. Well, a good friend of mine convinced me to actually model for a clothing line. there are two more guys that looks SO much better than me and i’m afraid that i’ll look like a twat next to them. OR… or feel like the short and fat person that i am, which is never sexy. i’ll show you guys a picture or two next month if it will be possible.

Thank you for your support! Omri.

April 2019

UPDATES, so many updates. stuff have been going on, personal stuff, profession stuff and Some artistic blocks that needs resolving. Obviously i’ll start with Alice updates and some cool news.

1A. Alice.

omri artist, orit fux

I made some promotional stuff, it’s so cool we got talented people on board. i SWEAR i didn’t need to retouch anything with her body makeup, it was Flawless. I did however changed the bottom to a skirt and the top a bit. but i didn’t need to thin her out or change anything she did, it was kind of a relief. Usually i got to do a LOT.

sacrifice your queen, chess pieces, alice, shadow alice

IF you didn’t know “Sacrifice your queen” What is wrong with you? i have worked on it for 3 weeks, a fucking complex art piece. usually in a company 2-3 people work on this kind of thing. usually merging 3d assets into the poster and merging it with paint and stuff. well.. this almost killed me. i have an idea to create Alice with the Jabberwock, Riding him or having her “Face” him but in a more artistic abstract way… haven’t figured that one out yet but, you know, let it bubble.

norman felchle, alice, queen of hearts, jabberwocky, snark

norman felchle , mad hatter

Norman Felchle. Goddamit Norman! you make me look bad! i talked to American about having him on board and he said something in the lines that he was thinking about it. it’s kinda funny we were oddly on the same page. I think that Norman’s line of design is so ugly and pretty at the same time. He IS the design master behind the original characters From American Mcgee’s Alice. He should redesign/Design more characters in the new game. I loved Ken Wong’s vision for Madness returns but i think we can totally dial it down into something more dark and Western.

I also though that Norman’s version of the Queen (right top corner) is wonderful, he made a head, i tired to design the body… Nope. i couldn’t copy his style so i just made one from My personal take

alice asylum, alice 3, queen of hearts

I think His queen design is better and more fitting, he designed her and i colored her. I can’t show it yet, as American has to have first privilege. but i have to say that i think classical screaming queen is BEST. My idea for my Q. was that we will always see her from a far, she’ll talk to a servant softly behind the fan, hiding her mouth. and she’ll look beautiful but afterwards she can turn into a “monster” when you’ll actually see her face move, think of those parts not like porcelain, more like parts of robotic plates. it can be interesting to see a queen that looks like a twisted beautiful version of Alice.

cheshire cat, Plushy design, omri koresh

CAT. the problem with designing this guy as a plushy is that he doesn’t actually fit to BE a plush. his head is huge, his body is too small and thin and having a metal frame inside of him will make him so un… cuddly so what’s the point? this is the last version that American showed. He already went though more changes but he said something right, the factory needs to create a sample to see wtf will come out of him. Perhaps in ORANGE?

1B. Alice2, The GREAT news is that now i’m a full pledged employee for American, Asylum. up until now i was 50% but now i actually had to turn clients away, it’s ridicules, iv’e been looking for a steady job for the last 6 months and a moment after i signed with American for a full time… i got like 3 offers for a full time gig. wtf. where were you?

1C. Alice3, I pray. Well, i don’t pray as there’s no god but i.. wanna say… pretend to pray? for the lack of a better term. I’ll be able to nail the gig for an Art Director. American doesn’t have one in mind right now, Personally yes, Ken wong can come back and blow our minds again BUT i think i can pull it off- and not barely. I wish i can be actually considered for the job. i want asylum dark but not gore. Not bloody and childish, i want it DARK. I don’t know what or if that’s possible but it’s So far away, even if it’s possible, i’m just sharing with you guys my blah blah like i always do.

trains people, trains.

last but not least, i’m going to design some trains, logistics, maps, fast travel things for the game. i have no idea how large the game will be and of what scale… but this will be fun so make sure to keep your eyes opened by large metal things like in clockwork orange.

vampire bloodlines 2, malkavian

2. Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines 2. I’m a HUGE fan of the original game, i have made some fanart from the original game but i haven’t made much. i’m also a Lara fan but again, not painted her a lot. but i did make some fanart because the new game is Coming!!

Denis richards, vampire
wtf clan is this? bruah?
Nina Naurielle, Ventrue

Nina Narurielle did a makeup test for the Ventrue look (left). it’s pretty awesome, i painted on top of the image. I really wish that their new characters won’t look like they got stuck in 1992 in a dark episode of friends, drinking a pepsi and playing Atari listening to Vengaboys. I mean my childhood was the 90’s and the fashion was terrible with butt ugly makeup. Please make them a kardashian. give them actual taste.

3. Personal stuff. Lately like a half a year lately, i felt like i’m stuck. in every way. financially, finally after a drought of 6 months i feel so much better now that i got a proper job with American. so i know the bank won’t kill me anytime soon. But artistically, i couldn’t concentrate on my personal work. i’m working on a photography project, i photograph people and turn them into other people, specifically Celebs. it’s a play on identities as all the final outcomes of those people will be total failures and will not actually look like the celeb they try to imitate.

so i’m booking models, looking for specific people (not showing anything right now from the project) and i’m aiming to 10 sets of 3 images each. 3×10= 30 images. Also i HAVE finished sketching out my oil paintings digitally but i’m finding myself not wanting to touch the canvas, it’s stupid. i’m a good painter, i know how to work a brush and when i can get into it… literally a full day can go by and i will forget to eat, i NEVER forget to eat. My earlier boss knew, never ever make me wait for food, EVER.

talking about food- i gained a LOT of weight, 10KG, 22P, over the course of this year, i got a stupid injury in my left knee that pretty much left me not being able to do any kind of aerobics. BUT apparently i can swim, and i was a good swimmer as a kid! so i will go for it, i need to exercise, it keeps my brain balanced and i’m not a naturally thin person.

i’m also planning something i have been saving up for the longest time… this is going to sound so vapid but i don’t care. Hair transplant. No i’m not going bald, my hairline is actually very high… every single picture that i upload is retouched. that is NOT my hairline. i had some “modifications” in the past, so i’m not new to be under the knife… Not the lips actually. so i actually might do that first and i think i’ll need to wait for 2 months to go into a pool. i think it can be a good excuse to let the knees really rest.

so now i’m balancing out my diet, my bank account, trying to get to the bottom of the oddest reason why i can’t touch a canvas. i mean the first layer is there

but stop looking at me like that, i WILL paint you eventually. perhaps the stress from the last 6 months had left some kind of block i need to remove. dunno.

thanks you for reading my blog, i so appreciate it. i’m really excited for this new chapter and making the game as best as i can. hopefully i can cover a lot of the ground work before production. <3

March 2019

HI! i didn’t update the site for two months, i skipped a month actually because i wasn’t in a good place and i was Sick for almost three weeks. so not i’m back, focused and i want to blabble about stuff again! let’s start with 1. Alice, Duh.

I made a TON of dresses, i think some of them are not “solved” as in the styling but it’s funny. American started to talk about them in the crowd design discussion and i’m like “Hey! helooo, talk to me man, i know my outfits, heloooo” so after hearing the first one i just made this thing. I think the bargaining dress is Meh. i think Joey’s design should be in the Asylum world actually.i liked the two mods but he said they want Emotion Vials? so…. hm.

I also designed some of them, Alex did some more designs too. mine are kind of plain, i think his are more interesting. but the concept of emotions in vials and mods and power up dresses and whatever is just TOO MUCH. there should be a simpler way to create everything artistic and still keep it Working.

I tried working with another concept of weapons, Riffing off Alex’s idea of a morphing weapon but American said something true. it’s essentially not Whimsical enough to be a Wonderland themed thing. it’s too mature.

I did remind of talking to Norman Flechle. i remember when i was in High-school and i just drooled over these sketches. i love his designs, i just hope i won’t be left without a job! I also talked to American about Emilie Autumn, i think musically and/OR voice a character she’ll do a marvelous job. She’s a good actress! if you saw “the devil’s carnival: Hallelujah” you’d know. Go watch that S*! So hopefully Alice 3 will kick ass with Emilie and Fletchel.

I loved @kitsune.kid design, OMG her makeup was so good i didn’t need to retouch it- almost. i made the hands darker and i made the stitching on her neck a bit longer. but usually? WOW people’s makeup are S*.

2. I had a birthday this month, i’m actually going to celebrate this friday, this years theme will be that everything in the house will be (hopefully) Cyan and red. Why? well, i’m 33, same number twice. so my brain automatically went to the 3D colors AND that they are actually a set. and It was Purim this month! i went as Harley Quinn Boy somewhere and i scared the s* out of people. it’s so funny to walk around seeing people frightened faces. i’m considering actually wearing the Yes Sir bracelets all year long, it’s quite pretty. Oh to people who are not remembering that we suffered (Jews) Purim is the lamer version of Halloween where there’s no budget for anything, no candy and no houses.


3. PERSONAL ART! i’m on my last sketch to Finalize (it will feature a girl with cakes), and then i’m finally starting to work in Oils. I HOPE this new series will execute well. so i’m going to attach here my new designs for my paintings. I decided to paint Only girls besides Mario/portraits. the Guys i think i’ll paint in another series, My men are much more sexual (duh) and are more pop- colorful, Commercial. so i’m separating the two.


Adding keywords because google is funny: Omri Koresh, alice 3, alice 3 asylum, alice 3 game, alice 3 projects, alice asylum, alice asylum patreon, alice asylum wallpaper, alice in wonderland american mcgee

The Pigs
Blue Rabbits

I’m super excited to make these, because of some recent commissions i could so i bought the canvases, everything is in my studio, i barely have floor space now.

4. NUERVA. that f*ing book will be the end of me. i wrote to some agents, i need to write to MORE agents, i hope one will take me as a client. i can barely afford rent properly but i’ll pull this iffy out somehow. I had also an idea, my friend Aviv recorded her voice when she did some reading for me, so i’m going to start to create with her an Audio book. Perhaps i can create something proper with her, she HAS the professional equipment so why not! i know some musicians that i can barter for art and they’ll help me create some musical background thing. The art- me and i learned how to create effects on video so i CAN potentially create something that’s high-level. i have no idea for what this will be used but i want it made, although i think i’ll eventually won’t have a choice and self-publish.

Vampire the masquerade: bloodlines 2, lasombra
Vampire the masquerade: Bloodlines, Lasombra

5. Vampire Bloodlines 2 was announced. OMG. OMG. the first game was a masterpiece, although buggy and it had a LOT of problems- it was still a masterpiece. very much ahead of it’s time and with complex characters that you are afraid they’ll bite your head off. and i was talking to a my friend Nina that i wanted an Excuse to paint some of the VTM girls… Well! now i got it! LOL this is awesome. i wish i would of done art for the project, i LOVE that world.

Thank you for reading my life story this month. and to newcomers that signed up, HI!

February 2019! UPDATE.

HI! Some cool stuff happened and my stupid sense of humor… i guess it’s contagious?

  1. Most of you know that with the Alice design stuff i made a Onesie for the Rabbit goal for out Patron. well, the original rabbit that came from the first factory came out… Orange. So i laughed about it in some of the artworks…
yes i’m a troll.

American joked on his stream and said that (because i make Alice take selfies) i should make her Dabbing- because it’s the next horrible steps. AKA “Martin don’t give Omri ideas” And this Orange thing came out as an Emoji and people laughed their asses about it

it was even laughingly Cosplayed!

Now you probably wonder why i’m sharing so much about my “Humor”. the reason is that my mom for AGES is telling me that my sense of humor is poor and i’m as funny as a brick wall. so HA MOM! HA!

This is what i thought about a Mini-Goal for the Patreon thing. i think it’s cool, it’s a different image from the RARE one that i made for American for his birthday. That one will not be replicated unless it’s directly from me.

BTW some guy from the forum asked me to send him this image for print with a “Pretty please” and that he will only print it for himself and i told him “NO” of course. 1. It’s a commissioned piece 2. WTF man asking for free art? 3. Not cool. as a response he said i was “Generous” and (i think) blocked me. wtf man.

Some more art from this month:

So happy American liked this version (:
I think he can be a good companion on the water world/level I wish i could explore Wonderland randomly as well!
I think there should be a dress for each “Powerup” but i don’t know if this will be the powerup mechanics
We are working on new designs, but i really want an Ice wand shirt

2. i got some new art! NEW DOLLS! new sketches! i’m working on my new photography series- But i won’t show it just yet as it’s being built and conceptualized as i’m working. BUT i can show you the dolls!

Her name is Lily. I made a few black dolls, i don’t make a lot of dark girls because- mainly i can’t figure out how to make the paint stick and not get scratched. if i’ll figure that out… i could make tons of colors. Honestly i want to make blue dolls. The next one is Almost done but she doesn’t have a base yet, the machine got screwed /:

i never made two toned hair, i think i’ll make more of these, she doesn’t have a name yet. Only when they are done it hits me. i hope that i’ll be able to finish her on time (until the 8th) for the exhibition! I got another exhibition at the 12th.

3. MEN. i paint a lot of women, i’m good with painting women. Men? Nope. i just paint porn. I’m struggling to paint men in an interesting way, i’m (obviously *hair flip*) not attracted to women so what i find interesting in them is the clothes, hair, makeup. it allows me to play with designs, dress them up. I find women inviting, warm, interesting. Men i find like large eggplants- and i prefer them nude. I like my men stereotypical Masculine and my women delicate and refined. so when i sketch ideas for men it comes out bad like:

It’s just SO BAD. I wanted to capture the “Ebony fantasy” i think everyone has a fantasy to go black or albino or blue or whatever. i want it super-sexualized but not pornographic and not… well dumb like this is. This is my process. I usually make a few concepts before i’m doing anything, and with men i’m exceptionally bad. so i wanted to show you that not everything i do is good. everything takes practice, even studying anatomy took me forever and i’m still learning. I tried to make a “Tom of Finland” Tribute and it came out Meh

wtf man. it’s ALMOST 80’s which 1. isn’t the correct era 2. it’s not even Enough 80’s anyway. i’m still figuring out how to paint men in a very, obviously, GAY way. Keep it sexy but High-brow, Fine-art. something that isn’t just tits and balls.

I can paint women all day long but this is after i “Majored” in painting women. i understand how i see them so i can paint them. with men.. i’ll save you from the awful sketches but it will take some time until i’ll figure it out.

Thank you for reading my updates! if you got this far please spread the word about this blog. i love sharing my artistic process! and if you want to comment, just write me back directly to this email- the system is still down /:

January 2019! Happy new year!

HI! So some interesting stuff happened this month, i’m going to start with the odd and Alice stuff first.

Me and Alice
  1. probably some of you already know a guy on facebook asked if anyone knew who can reconstruct Alice for him- after 35 minutes we talked and i took her in. i fixed her up- the arm was broken, no blade… i repainted her, she came out looking great.

Then i started to think.. you know i knew about One other Alice that came to Israel and it got to a market place and they painted her horribly. when i was a teenager i only saw One statue so i thought it was HER, so i guessed there were two… until i posted the image above online. for now, there are four Alice statues in israel- One perfect. the other three:

Left to right, Marketplace, Found in a dumpster, one that was bought intact

The funny part is that one of my regular clients, for about a year now… apparently OWNS the right one. I didn’t know that, he didn’t know that i’m doing Alice: Asylum. he didn’t know i’m the artist behind a lot of Alice work, he actually got to me because i work also, sadly, as a graphic designer. so funny, stupid and funny.

2. Right now American is in Thailand i didn’t talk to him for about two weeks, i do a lot of art but i can’t show it because i need his approval. but i can show you a crop because i just LOVE this crop- It’s a mix of my work with Joey Zeng. She’s such a good painter, i want to smack her with a fish. i love bouncing ideas off of her.

3. This month was pretty dead work-wise so i took the opportunity to redo some sketches and add some. i’m working on my oil paintings and i even finished the last one! but i don’t have proper pictures just yet so a Phone camera will have to do. i’ll take some professional photos later on when i’ll have more paintings.


Now, new sketches!

Unicorns – untitled
Not Sabrina
Mario and Peach (WIP)

these are some of the art i want to make, In oils! i wanted to layout the designs and colors and concepts to do a proper “set” in that way i can at least show my paintings and perhaps talk to a gallery about an exhibition.


4. I got a lot of old sketches, i’ll try to sell these this month i think. i won’t be selling them framed, i’ll sell them tubed and i need to photograph/scan each and price them, a lot of work but hopefully it will be worth it. i’ll try to talk to some galleries, perhaps there’s one that would like to sell them on site.

5. The black city of Nuerva – so i tried looking for a publisher, i found that i NEED an agent. I can’t afford an agent, i make something close to minimum wage monthly. I do have a job interview on Sunday, if i’ll get that job i’ll be able to afford a lot of stuff- an agent with it. “serious” companies only look at what agents give them to review, not individuals. Heavy metal didn’t write back but their editor was super nice to me, i just hope that this book will happen with a publishing company, it’s a good way to brand myself.

Besides that i think everything is pretty normal, me the hubby and two cats are freezing in this winter which is something that i love because i ca get fat and no one notices, i just hope that summer will never come. just remember if you want to write back to me, write me directly to this email, right now the comments on the site are disabled. i got problems with it /:

December 2018 update!

HI! not a lot has happened this month, i was swamped with boring design work so i got a bit of money but not a lot of art. But still cool stuff is happening!

  1. Alice

I designed some shirts, Leggings, I’m working with Jennifer D’aww on the design work and i made some cool stuff in the store. hopefully ALL of my older work will be available to purchase on Mysterious. I told American that he should use the art for stuff, i mean why not! i already made it. At least someone will gain some money out of it!

2. I got the Original Alice statue, it’s almost at my height. A guy on facebook wrote that he got the statue and it’s broken. He asked friends who do they know can fix it. 35 minutes later we set a date for him to deliver her to me.

So Yup i printed the blade, it broke off. The arm broke but it’s Glueable- the rest needs paint fixing and re-coloring. Hopefully next month i’ll get a photo shoot with her and the client will be happy with the outcome!

3. A good friend of mine, Kc Mussman usually visits in December and we usually have some kind of shoot together:

She didn’t have time to do Art, she’s an artist herself, she was a finalist at FaceOff.

She’s one of the best makeup artists that i know! Last time we Shot Topaz Arbell, She’s one of my regular models.

Like a Barbarella Style… alien?

i’m working on my next series and Again she came to model for me! so this is a recent photo of us being stupid.

KC wanted me to remake her like Ms.Terious Cosplay‘s Concept of Alice Addams, We shot it but i didn’t get the chance to edit it properly. But i do hope that the original cosplayer will appreciate the tribute, it’s a cool concept and KC’s a good friend and we like to have fun. She LOVED this concept.


3. LOVED this movie. I wrote about it:

“Just saw this movie yesterday. I Highly recommend watching it.

It’s not about a porn star, or sex. It’s about scars, traumas and how they define us.

Jonathan is described as a tool of society and how he’s being manipulated all through out his life and in his career while trying to take back control. His personal life, his relationships with his parents. His loneliness, his surprising innocence and his lovely persona.

Perhaps the movie spotlights a porn star but it’s not the actual story, his life is far more complex and intriguing than you’d imagine. it’s not a journey, it’s a tunnel vision look on how things spin out of control and how -we- as people treat celebs or people we admire, we forget they are just as human as we are.

“Jonathan Agassi Saved My Life””


4. NUERVA. I’m still looking for a publisher But i think i don’t have a choice and i’ll have to find an agent for my book to take off. But have i told you a stupid dream that i had?

I thought about the next book, i had this idea floating in my mind and i thought about a specific scene and wrote the baseline down and put it aside. Eventually i dreamed something similar to that scene, it was odd and extremely out of context.

In the dream i’m sitting in front of a woman called Amanda, She said i had to get her an some sort of object- which i didn’t understand what she’s talking about, it’s like i fell in the middle of a conversation that she had with someone else. and she’s saying that i needed to get her something, it was Like money but an object. I asked her “What will you do when you’ll get it?” And then she answered! “Get out of the Island of NOVIGA” So i woke up and i’m like WTF? have i called the city the wrong name this whole time?


So i’m actually considering changing the name! American said that it’s hard to say, I think Noviga is easier… Hm.

Thanks for reading! I hope you found this month interesting! <3

you can comment back directly to this email Or using your facebook, Click here!

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